Solution/project name: The Republican cloud platform service for providing access to integrated software «House resource consumption metering».

Solution/project type: Republican cloud platform service.


LLC "Bright Solutions"
Address: office 15, building 3, 89 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Republic of Belarus P.C. 3220020,
тел./факс: (017) 399-33-35/399-33-36,,

LLC «beCloud» (ТМ beCloud)
Address: Republic of Belarus, 2200004, Minsk, C.Zetkin str. 24, office 602,
тел. +375 17 327 72 77 (reception),,

Scope of application: housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus.

Implementation effect: automation of production, technical and economic activities of enterprises of housing and communal services. Creation of a unified republican data bank on the technical condition of housing stock and related infrastructure. The possibility of using this information by all interested structures of housing and communal services.

Solution/project status: put into commercial operation.

Description: the service will allow the organizations in the housing and communal services sector to ensure proper control over the use of labor, material, energy and other resources, reduce the cost and improve the quality of the provision of housing and communal services.

With the help of the service «House resource consumption metering» organizations in the housing sector will also be able to solve the following tasks:

  • inventory of the housing stock;
  • planning and accounting of actually performed work, materials used (for maintenance, routine repairs, sanitary maintenance of common areas, improvement of the local area, overhaul, etc.) in accordance with the approved rates of material consumption, labor costs of workers, used machines and mechanisms, also on the basis of technological maps for houses of typical design;
  • preparation of production documents: orders, acts of completion, sheets for materials writing off statements, attendance records and labor participation rates, etc.;
  • control over the performance of work, control of the amount of work executed, standards and frequency of maintenance;
  • entry and distribution of indirect costs among the houses (general operating costs, costs to the administration maintenance, etc.);
  • preparation of analytical reports on the results of activities;
  • calculation of the cost of work not only for the whole enterprise but individually for each object (apartment building or entrance);
  • organization of data exchange (integration) between service software products and external systems (automated information system «Housing and communal services», accounting programs, warehouse programs and others).

Access to the service is provided via Internet. Services are paid according to a monthly rental model. Technical support of the software is provided. Information protection is provided.


Advantages of implementation:

  • reducing costs for the functioning of housing and communal services;
  • implementation of the possibilities of objective planning of the composition and amount of funds required for the current and future functioning of the urban housing economy including:

    1) objective accounting of material, labor, energy and other resources available in the field of housing and communal services for their most efficient use;

    2) improving the convenience of interaction between inhabitants and participants of the housing and communal services sector, elimination of social tension caused by the implementation of the reform process of the housing and communal services, increase in tariffs and transition to 100% reimbursement of housing costs by the population;
  • improving the quality of service delivery to the population;
  • monitoring of compliance with the volumes, terms and order on the performance of work in accordance with the developed plans, regulations, technological maps;
  • increasing production and technological discipline;
  • ensuring informational and technical readiness for the transition of participants in the housing sector of the republic to the «Customer – Contractor» work scheme.
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