Solution/project name: Service of the Republican cloud platform for the provision of software «Acquisition, storage and processing of telemetric data».

Solution/project type: Republican cloud platform service.


LLC «beCloud» (ТМ beCloud),
Address: Republic of Belarus, 2200004, Minsk, C.Zetkin str. 24, office 602,
тел. +375 17 327 72 77 (reception),,

Scope of application: housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus.

Implementation effect: automation of the processes of acquisition, processing and storing data from resource metering devices equipped with devices for remote reading.

Solution/project status: put into commercial operation.


The service operates on the basis of the licensed software product of the unified system that manages, monitors and records information from intelligent buildings engineering systems "INDEL ICT WEB" and is intended for use by state bodies and state organizations of the Republic of Belarus, emergency services and maintenance facilities, as well as organizations operating the housing stock, organizations providing housing and communal services and (or) managing the common property of joint households.

To ensure the functioning of the service from metering devices and technological devices equipped with teleautomation equipment data is transmitted to the Republican cloud platform where with the help of specialized software and virtual resources they are processed and stored, and also protected from unauthorized access.

Data exchange takes place through partner communication networks of mobile and fixed-line operators. Remote reading of metering devices eliminates the need for people to do this work, i.e. the process becomes automated. In addition there is no need for personnel who control the reliability of data transmitted by consumers, errors of the «human factor» are eliminated and the risk of resource theft is reduced. All the information about the required metering devices, their status and readings is available to the Customers through the software interface via Internet. Data viewing is possible both for one metering device installed at a specific address and in an aggregated form for all metering devices.

The tariff for the service is determined depending on the number of metering devices the data on which the client wishes to receive. The service is paid monthly. The cost of the service for the first month of its provision includes an installation payment.

Advantages of implementation:

  • reducing the cost of organizing the collecting data process from metering devices and monitoring the reliability of data transmitted by consumers;
  • reducing the risks of the resource theft;
  • elimination of the errors of the «human factor»;
  • use of a modern republican platform operating on the basis of cloud computing for data storing and processing;
  • increasing the level of data protection;
  • the ability to create analytical reports and make decisions in the field of housing and communal services management.
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