Solution/project name: The outdoor lighting modernization with the introduction of the ACS «Citylight» city lighting automated wireless control system.

Solution/project type: Development, production and implementation of equipment and software for outdoor lighting control systems.


OJSC «Svyazinvest»
Address: office 60, 114 Nekrasova str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus,
tel. +375 (17) 363-12-60,,

Scope of application: Street lighting, housing and communal services.

Implementation effect:

  • remote dispatching control with output to the operator's console or to a secure server;
  • individual and group control of lamps (on/off, dimming);
  • creation and management of lighting modes;
  • online access to the main electrical characteristics with the formation of statistical reports for the required period;
  • online identification of failures with various notification options.

Solution/project status: implemented.

Implemented projects:

  • The city lighting automated wireless control system (construction object "Implementation of LED street lighting in Berezovsky region using automation and control systems"): 2776 LED lamps, 38 outdoor lighting control cabinets (OLCC).
  • Implementation of energy efficient LED lamps and street lighting control systems in Novogrudok as part of the UNDP-GEF Project 90983 «Belarus: Supporting Green Urban Development in Small and Medium-Sized Cities of Belarus»: 400 LED lamps, 25 outdoor lighting control cabinets.
  • Modernization of outdoor lighting at Independence Avenue (on the section from Independence Square to Kozlova Str.) with the implementation of a wireless control system ACS «Cityligh»: 800 lamps; 5 outdoor lighting control cabinets.


The ACS «Citylight»LED lighting automated control system consists of:

Outdoor lighting control cabinet (OLCC)


Cabinet functions:

  • Turning on/off the lighting lines
  • Control of network parameters of the lines
  • Electricity consumption metering
  • Protection against emergencies
  • Automatic phase switch for the head controller power supply
  • Electricity consumption meter
  • Push-button panel (transfer from automatic to manual control)

Head lighting controller


Controller properties:

  • 24 inputs for currents and voltages monitoring, line status monitoring
  • Input for door opening sensor
  • RS-485 interface for interaction with external devices
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • SIM-chip and SIM-card
  • Built-in GSM modem
  • Remote software update
  • 4 magnetic starters control
  • Support for wireless lighting control protocols RF, nb_IoT and wired PLC and DALI
  • Radius of action up to 5 km

Individual lighting controller

Controller properties:

  • Wireless control of each lamp via RF, nb-IoT channels.
  • Wired control of each lamp via PLC channels (power lines), DALI (an additional 2x1.5 cable is required)
  • Lamps dimming from 0 to 100%
  • Supports up to 10 independently controlled lamps
  • Operating temperature range from -40°С to +70°С
  • Built-in sensors: motion, temperature, illumination



Software properties:

  • OLCC and lamps remote control
  • Simple interface
  • System elements display on a scalable map
  • Events logging
  • Formation of the reporting documents
  • Cloud access or on-site installation
  • Protection against unauthorized access

LED lights:

Street lamps series «DKU 02 Lightplan»

Street lamps series Светодиодный светильники

Street lamps series «DKU 03 Lightplan»

Street lamps series Светодиодный светильники

Industrial lamps series «DSP 02 Prompetal»

Industrial lamps series Светодиодный светильники

Technical capabilities of ACS «Citylight»:

  • software based on Windows with the Internet access;
  • the ability to remotely update the software at the terminals of executive points without visiting the facility;
  • the ability to customize the configuration display of each outdoor lighting control cabinet at the dispatcher's workplace (the number of contactors, fuses);
  • the ability to enter addresses, groups of addresses and the addresses binding to the groups of addresses;
  • password-protected access to the system in accordance with the assigned authority (with the possibility of making changes and access protection);
  • informing about emergency and other important events, sound signaling from a certain level of importance, emergency cases documenting;
  • reports logging on power and consumed electricity (transmission of information from the meter), the ability to create other reports in accordance with the needs of the operator of the control center;
  • creation of up to 1000 individual automatic dimming scenarios;
  • the ability to control lighting in manual mode;
  • technical metering of consumed electricity - transmission of current indicators values from electric meters.
Светодиодный светильники

Светодиодный светильники

Светодиодный светильники

Climatic operating conditions of ACS "Citylight":

  • ambient air temperature - (40 ± 60)°С;
  • relative air humidity at a temperature of 25°С - (45-80)%;
  • atmospheric pressure - from 86 to 106 kPa, (from 645 to 795 mm Hg).

System requirements:

Server hardware requirements

The technical base of the ACS «Citylight» server complex should provide the use of a server with the following minimum characteristics:

  • CPU with at least 8 cores and a clock frequency of at least 2.4 GHz;
  • CPU support for VT-x (Intel) / AMD-V (AMD) virtualization technologies;
  • RAM not less than 32 Gb;
  • disk space based on at least 2 SSD 512 Gb combined in RAID1.

Client’s technical capabilities

The technical base of the ACS «Citylight» users workstation should provide the use of a PC with the following minimum characteristics:

  • CPU with at least 4 cores and a clock frequency of at least 2.4 GHz;
  • RAM not less than 8 Gb;
  • disk space based on SSD 512 Gb;
  • video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1 GB or equivalent;
  • monitor not less than 22``;
  • keyboard and mouse;
  • Google Chrome browser version 80 or higher.
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