Solution/project name: smart-poles with technological components and software («Smart poles»).

Type of solution/project: solution for organizing the work of smart city infrastructure.


LLC «beCloud» (ТМ beCloud)
Address: Republic of Belarus, 2200004, Minsk, C.Zetkin str. 24, office 602,
тел. +375 17 287 11 34 (reception),,

Scope of application: city infrastructure management.

Implementation effect: improvement in living standards of citizens through the introduction of modern ICT technologies in the urban environment, increasing the efficiency of city infrastructure management.

Status of the solution/project: in 2022, they were tested in a test zone, in the future, it is planned to introduce similar solutions when creating smart infrastructure in the quarter «Severny bereg».


The project was implemented in order to test solutions for creating smart infrastructure in the quarter «Severny bereg», where beCloud will act as a customer in terms of creating telecommunication networks, as well as a smart platform operator.

The test zone was deployed in May 2022 on the territory of the Republican Data Center (RDC).

The project was implemented using equipment from Vitrulux, a Russian manufacturer of innovative lighting equipment.

In the test cluster, 3 smart-poles are installed - lighting poles, in the case of which technological components and software are integrated.

All smart-poles are equipped with efficient LED street lighting modules with flexible settings (on/off time, brightness adjustment). Within the test zone, several possible lighting options were tested: local (spot) lighting, circular lighting of pedestrian areas and/or yard areas, highway lighting (roads).

Smart poles are equipped with a lighting system that can be controlled centrally if it is included in the citywide lighting network, as well as according to an individual scenario or, for example, in automatic mode based on the results of processing data from external light sensors.

On the first pole, in addition to the lighting function, an electric vehicle charging station is installed. The pole allows you to quickly recharge the electric car, as well as perform a full charge during night parking. A payment terminal is built into the smart-pole to activate the charging station for a specified period of time.

A media panel and an acoustic module for playing audio and video content are integrated into the second smart-pole. Such smart-poles will be in demand in public places (recreation parks, public transport stops, playgrounds, etc.), as they allow broadcasting reference and advertising information. In addition, this smart pole is additionally equipped with a module with USB interfaces for charging mobile devices.

The third smart-pole is equipped with an LTE base station, a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot, a video surveillance system, and an acoustic module. A smart pole with this functionality allows you to implement several smart solutions at the same time. First of all, to provide coverage of the territory with wireless communication networks with access to mobile subscribers, as well as for connecting devices using NB-IoT technology (narrow-band LTE technology for Internet of things services). In addition, equipping a video surveillance camera with a powerful optical zoom and a wide view makes it possible to use it as an element of a public safety system or, for example, as a tool for collecting information on traffic situation. As part of a pilot, beCloud is testing this video surveillance system in the context of future projects related to smart parking and license plate recognition.

Each pole of the test area is essentially a hub of the infocommunication structure, since it is supplied not only with power, but also with transport fiber-optic communication lines with a capacity margin and, if necessary, other special-purpose communication lines (for example, the civil defense warning line of the Ministry of Emergency Situations), which will allow in the future to solve the problem of adding new functionality and services. If necessary, poles can be equipped with SOS buttons.

Smart-poles also have tamper sensors and uninterruptible power supplies that provide autonomous operation of the main functional devices in case of loss of external power.

Smart poles should become multifunctional elements of city infrastructure in the near future.

Implementation benefits:

  • Improving the safety of public places through the introduction of a video surveillance system
  • Ability to communicate with emergency services
  • Informing citizens through audiovisual means
  • Access to broadband internet services
  • Recharging mobile devices and electric vehicles
  • Efficient Urban Lighting Modes
  • The ability to control weather and environmental conditions
  • Ensuring the operation of Internet of Things services
  • Stylish, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient multifunctional solution inscribed in urban architecture

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